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Gramarye was one of the companies lucky enough to participate in Georgia Tech’s Flashpoint, one of the world’s most exclusive and consistently successful business accelerators.

Flashpoint’s “startup engineering” process is designed to save new businesses years of wasted time and millions of dollars by identifying potential mistakes early and identifying authentic demand. The result of this rigorous process is reliable innovation.

Cross-media event story franchises (think of Star Wars, the Harry Potter series, and The Hunger Games) are innovated. They, too, can be innovated reliably.

As a story incubator, Gramarye Media applies the Silicon Valley accelerator methodology to storytelling. Gramarye mitigates risk by discovering, incubating, and vetting franchises that have that one critical element that studios demand to greenlight: a built-in audience.

We begin by discovering unpublished manuscripts that meet our very precise selection criteria — a 45+ point “checklist” that helps identify the ones with blockbuster potential. Then, our A-List team of industry experts helps incubate them to maximize their potential.

Finally, we publish the winners using a proprietary technology platform.

Welcome to eBook 2.0

Our eBook 2.0 publications are … something special.

Gramarye Books combine text, video, music, games, social media, and more surprises into a tablet or smartphone app to make an engaging and truly immersive reading experience that helps readers get lost in a story. These components aren’t just a laundry list of features; the Gramarye suite of functions integrate seamlessly to create an experience unlike any other. Gramarye is more than the sum of its parts. It is a magical experience.

What do we mean by magic books?

Imagine a reading experience that pulls you into a story, creating an immersive reading experience unlike any other.

Imagine painted illustrations that come to life … subtle strands of music that make the world vanish … surprises waiting for you on every page.

Imagine story-appropriate games that shape the story around your decisions … or unlock secret chapters and stories just for you.

Imagine sharing the experience with your friends … or with a community of readers in your own city, or all around the world.

Imagine a new way to learn … a more powerful teaching experience.

When you’ve imagined all that, you’ve only just begun to imagine the next step in the evolution of the eBook.

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