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Gramarye Media, Inc. is a Delaware C Corporation based in Atlanta founded by a team with deep experience in technology, production, and storytelling. Gramarye has created a platform to deliver immersive rich-media reading experiences designed to make the experience of a story more engaging, and to vet titles for potential cross-media franchises at a fraction of the cost of a single blockbuster film. Think of Gramarye as eBook 2.0.

As a solution for the entertainment industry, we remove risk by discovering, nurturing and vetting content, and building measurable brand buzz, for potential transmedia franchise tentpoles.

More importantly, every Gramarye title is a “pilot” designed to test potential transmedia franchises with audiences at a fraction of the cost of actually producing a film or television pilot … allowing even small investors to potentially own a piece of a book, film, sequels, toys, games, merchandise, and more in perpetuity. We are a story incubator, uniting communities of investors, writers, producers, artists, and technologists.

Gramarye Books are designed to rapidly deploy titles across devices and platforms and to take full advantage of the rich media capabilities of an E-Reader or Tablet to turn a gripping story with broad, four-quadrant appeal into a truly immersive experience—with illustrations that come to life and move, social media, a music sound track, addictive games, and even an e-commerce shopping element.

The “app within an app” structure also makes Gramarye a powerful tool in education, allowing users to “learn by doing” and validate learning before next chapters are unlocked.

Gramarye leaps far ahead of present eBook solutions by integrating rich media elements (video, music, games, commerce etc.) without breaking the spell of the reading experience. Plus, the reusable technology core allows for rapid deployment of titles across platforms and devices with multiple revenue streams and a clear exit.

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