John Adcox, CEO

1163216Over the course of a 20-year career in advertising, marketing, and new media John Adcox has held a number of titles including Executive Producer, Vice President of Digital Media, Creative Director, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services, and CEO. A few of his clients have included AT&T, Mercedes-Benz, Holiday Inn, Coca-Cola, UPS, SCANA, AutoTrader.com, Time Warner, Disney, Delta Airlines, 3M, Ford, and many more.

In addition, he has hosted a radio show, acted professionally (although not since age 15), designed and written scripts for games, written a play for a professional theatre company, taught university astronomy, and written articles on topics including mythology, psychology, technology, religion, and marketing strategy.

John served for more than four years as the Lay Leader and Council Chair at Inman Park United Methodist Church. His many, many interests include books and literature, religion and philosophy, mythology, the Arthurian legends, travel, baseball, science fiction and fantasy, marketing communications, Celtic music and lore, new media, theatre, and politics, not to mention astronomy and cosmological physics.

John is now concentrating on storytelling—he is the author of Blackthorne Faire and has a screenplay and TV pilot in development—and maintains a laser focus on Gramarye Media and its film and television content development and production arm. Contact John

Alice P. Neuhauser, President

imgresAlice P. Neuhauser has a broad range of entertainment experience in financial management, establishment and oversight of corporate, legal and accounting procedures, and business development and strategic planning. From successfully developing a major commercial real estate project to assisting lenders in maximizing the value of distressed assets to managing the day-to-day operations of independent film companies, Alice has demonstrated entrepreneurial success in maximizing effort and investment by finding opportunities to utilize both existing studio structures and independent constructs.

Over the course of her career, Alice has managed project financing for motion pictures ranging in budget from $2 million to $100 million each, totaling over half a billion dollars.  Such financings included some of the largest independently financed pictures including Terminator 2 (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Cliffhanger (starring Sylvester Stallone).  More recently, Alice coordinated the bank financing of produced pictures including Oscar-nominated 3:10 to Yuma (starring Russell Crowe), The Forbidden Kingdom (with Jackie Chan and Jet Li), The Bank Job, Brothers, A Perfect Getaway, Nine, Spy Next Door, Dear John, Season of the Witch, The Fighter (starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg), Limitless (starring Bradley Cooper), Haywire, The Immortals, Mirror, Mirror (starring Julia Roberts), 21 & Over, Movie 43, Safe Haven and Out of the Furnace.  Alice also managed two $100 million revolving film production credit facilities with two separate syndicates of banks, which helped finance such movies as Basic Instinct (starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone) and Total Recall (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone).

Looking for opportunities to capitalize on businesses that support film production, Alice developed a $100 million motion picture and television production facility from concept through 100% utilization.  With Roy Disney’s Shamrock Holdings as investment partner, the first full-service production facility in Los Angeles in over 50 years was created.  This 22-1/2 acre studio lot includes 14 state-of-the-art sound states, eight production buildings, a commissary, a four-story office building, and a parking garage.  Current tenants include James Cameron’s Avatar 2 and Avatar 3.  Hands-on, Alice’s efforts included developing the financing model and working with prospective investors, tenants and lenders, managing construction of the project and on-site coordination of final move-in by the tenants.

Among other consultancy roles, Alice also advised The Trend Exchange, a start-up financial marketplace for trading various media-related options contracts.  The exchange was successfully approved by the Commodities Future Trading Commission, with Alice providing a key link among the regulatory agency, the financing community and content producers. Operational management has been a hallmark of Alice’s career.  Prior to the bankruptcy of Carolco Pictures, she coordinated the preparation of the due diligence materials, including among other things chain of title for the development projects and produced pictures, sales and availabilities for the licensing of the produced pictures and an abbreviated library valuation.  She also managed the due diligence process with prospective buyers.  Ultimately, through various negotiated assets sales she returned a remarkable 100% of senior bond and trade debt of Carolco Pictures Inc. after its bankruptcy, exceeding investment banker projections by over 100%.

Alice continues to manage the sequel/remakes rights and development properties for the former Carolco, working with producers to turn them into new motion pictures and television series. On behalf of various lenders, including GECC and JP Morgan Chase, she has managed or liquidated distressed entertainment companies.

As Responsible Officer for The Kushner-Locke Company, Alice has overseen the operations of the Company since shortly after it filed for bankruptcy in 2001.  In addition to compliance with bankruptcy and SEC requirements, Alice was been responsible for day-to-day operations, managing the various sales agent relationships, organizing documentation, establishing procedures and negotiating settlements of claims.  Post-reorganization, Alice negotiated and managed the sale of the Company’s film library.  She continues to represent the derivative rights for the Company.

At the request of certain senior financiers, Alice was retained by the New York-appointed, New York-based Receiver for The Shooting Gallery in connection with the liquidation of The Shooting Gallery assets for the benefit of its creditors.  Alice utilized a team of experienced professionals who collectively had worked on the preparation for, and sale of, the film libraries for, among other companies, Carolco Pictures, Epic Productions (the Credit Lyonnais library), Harvey Entertainment, 7.23 Slate and Prosperity Pictures.  Due to the sudden closing of the Company’s operations, the liquidation included shutting down the office space, negotiating out of facility and equipment leases, organizing chain of title and sales/availabilities information and preparing, marketing and soliciting buyers for the sale of Company assets.

Alice also managed the wind-up of a family of companies with real property holdings and film financing, production, sales and post-production businesses in Los Angeles.  When the Companies lost their financing, Alice managed the self-liquidation process by, among other things, selling the post-production equipment, selling the building, winding down the various corporate entities, bringing current past-due tax obligations and paying off outstanding trade debt.  In addition, Alice helped develop an asset management software system for tracking sales and availabilities for the pictures distributed by the production entity.  She organized a team to service the on-going distribution obligations for the produced pictures.

GE Capital retained Alice as Chief Restructuring Officer of Unapix Entertainment to manage the operations of the Company in bankruptcy, oversee the preparation of information for selling the library and the successful sale of the library. Among other consultancy roles, Alice also advised The Trend Exchange, a start-up financial marketplace for trading various media-related options contracts.  The exchange was successfully approved by the Commodities Future Trading Commission, with Alice providing a key link among the regulatory agency, the financing community and content producers.

Alice is an honors graduate of Harvard College and earned her MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA while working full-time.  She also supports various non-profit organizations and has served on the National Council of Defenders of Wildlife since 2010 and joined the National Advisory Board of the Union of Concerned Scientists in 2016.


Don Dudenhoeffer, VP, Creative Director

10c015cDon’s professional experience has been an extensive voyage into the world of advanced interactive media. He’s spent most of his career on the front lines of the new media space working with emerging technologies in Interactive TV, mobile devices, video distribution, and broadband Web applications. In Don’s eleven years of creative design and implementation, his work has focused on creating forward thinking applications that aid large media companies in their pursuit of the future of media often targeting multi-screen experiences.

Don led the design team that was awarded the first ever Emmy in Interactive Television for the creation of an Interactive TV application enhancing the HBO Band of Brothers experience. He also led the effort to design and build CNN’s Pipeline and the Washington Redskins experiences for Media Center and Intel’s Viiv initiative. Don has participated in the incubation, testing and launch of many new interactive products ranging from a wireless traffic guidance system, desktop applications (TWC Desktop Weather), browser plug-ins, widgets, and new forms of digital video collection, encoding, and distribution.

Over the course of his career he’s have worked with clients like HBO, HGTV, DIY, FOOD, Fine Living, Disney, AOLTV, NASCAR.com, CNN, Cartoon Network, Captain Planet foundation, Philips, PoliticalIQ.com, Psydex, Subaru, Worldspan, Cox Cable, Cox Radio, IntelliOne, Time Warner, Rhapsody, MetaByte, and many more. Don’s specialties include Concept incubation, Technology assessment, Information architecture, Advanced UI design and Development, Flash interfaces, Advanced interactive advertising, Cross-platform experiences, Video shooting, editing, and motion graphics, and Web Applications.

As the Creative Director of Beyond Z, Don oversaw the entire process of product development. Working with the client, design team, and development team in the initial planning stages, he remains hands-on all the way through. Clients have included HBO, Cartoon Network, The Weather Channel, HGTV, Food Network, DIY, Ford, Suburu, NASCAR, Redskins, Disney, and many more. The bulk of the company’s work focused in the Interactive Television industry.

Contact Don  

Irtaza Barlas, Ph.D. VP, Senior Software Engineer and Architect

1bc597dIrtaza Barlas brings more than 20 years of diverse technology and product development experience to Gramarye. He is currently the Director of Software Engineering of a very successful healthcare IT company in Georgia. He was also the Program Manager at Impact Technologies, where he led the research and development efforts associated with advanced computing, image analysis, and data mining systems for the industry and the US Department of Defense.

Irtaza was the architect and Principle Investigator on a multi-year research program on “Self-Aware Processing Systems” for DARPA. Irtaza worked with Raytheon and Georgia Tech to develop technologies for monitoring and real-time reconfiguration. His other DoD research programs include datamining and visualization for US Navy, distributed monitoring of Virginia Class Submarine Combat Systems, and Multi-agent Distributed Data Fusion for Unmanned Surface Vehicles for Office of Naval Research. Impact Technologies was acquired in 2011 by United Technologies’ Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation—and is now a Sikorsky Innovations company.

Previously Irtaza was the principal and Director of Software Development at Atlanta-based Intelligent Automation Systems (IAS), where he led the development of several products related to image processing, industrial process monitoring, and automation in the utilities, wire, cable, and textile industries. Impact Technologies acquired IAS, in its third year of operation.

Irtaza received his MS from California State University, Sacramento where he worked extensively on microprocessors, digital systems, computer networks, and FPGAs. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech., with a thesis on Multi-Agent systems for Diagnostics and Prognostics of complex systems. His other research interests include the design of self-aware processors, integrity verification and the repair of distributed systems, mobile agents, e-publishing, image analysis, data mining, and data visualization. His interests outside of technology include literature, music, philosophy, and religion.

Contact Irtaza


Jon Wroblewski, CFO

242358cJon Wroblewski is an entrepreneur, film producer, fund manager, and CFO.

In addition to his responsibilities with Gramarye, Jon is the Founder of Wyman, LLC, an incubator and accelerator that creates economic sustainability in the film industry by enabling entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and investors to consistently benefit from working together.

He is also the co-owner and Fund Manager of the Donsion Film Fund, China, one of the first Foreign Owned Joint Venture Film Fund in China. Gramarye will play a large role in is vetting process for new film and television investments.

In addition, Jon is the VP of Business Development and Feature Films for Fueld Films Inc., a production company based out of Austin, Texas that was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Contact Jon

Suresh Sharma, Advisor and Board Member

2f09e5eSuresh is a proven entrepreneur, innovator, and a global business creator. A clear thought-leader, he is known for translating vision into reality through team building, operational execution, and optimal use of resources. A former GE executive, he exemplifies a rare combination of hands-on technology and business leadership.

Suresh is widely published and cited not only for his peer-reviewed technical journal papers but also equally well known for his internationally acclaimed business books on innovation and entrepreneurship (“The 3rd American Dream”, 2014), and global sourcing (2005).

Over past two decades alone, among other things, he led five major technology and operational initiatives, and has served as President & CEO of four ventures creating several billion dollars of value. With his quick ability to – sense and step-change business DNA – Suresh has specially contributed to: Energy and Power Industry (from ‘Well-head to Consumer’ including Renewable Power Generation, and Transmission & Distribution), and other businesses in aerospace, materials, sensors, e-Commerce, IT, global sourcing, manufacturing, Six Sigma quality, healthcare and defense.

Most recently, Suresh has been serving as part-time Industry Fellow of GRA (Georgia Research Alliance), wherein leveraging his strong multi-disciplinary experience, he has been effectively transforming innovations into commercial enterprises invented or discovered by a number of Georgia’s eminent scholars and research faculty.

An internationally acknowledged keynote speaker, Suresh serves or has served on the Board of Directors or Advisors of several small or big organizations: publicly traded corporations, non-profits, universities, and other ventures globally.

Suresh graduated with B.E. (Hon) in Mechanical Engineering from BITS, Pilani (India). Further, he did Advanced Management & Aerospace Engineering Courses with British Aerospace PLC and its Consortium Partners in Europe, U.K (1981-1982), and later got M.S. in Aerospace, University of Florida, Gainesville FL, U.S.A, in 1991-94.

He currently lives with his wife in Roswell GA. They have two grown up children.

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