Have you written a novel that might be right for Gramarye? Would you like to see a print version and a special, enhanced eBook version? Is the core story ripe for transmedia development, including toys, games, films, and more? If so, we’d like to talk to you. We will be paying generous advances, including a two-year media option, and royalties. Plus, we’ll be investing in significant advertising and marketing campaigns using traditional as well as social and digital media.

We’re looking for great writing, vivid, compelling characters, and stories that make us think, feel … and keep us turning the pages late into the night. We’re looking for stories that we feel truly passionate about. That’s not all, though. We’re looking for some very specific characteristics.

We also look for:

  • Elements of found family — think of the gang from Cheers, the crew of the Starship Enterprise, the kids from Harry Potter, or the team from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. People that aren’t necessarily of blood relation but are working toward a common goal to find a sense of belonging. The characters may be special, and they may be misfits, but they find place to belong.
  • Mythic resonance — people living mythic lives in a landscape of consequence, and an Orphan/Wanderer/Warrior/Martyr structure (think Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Casablanca).
  • Elements of wish fulfillment (Narnia, Harry Potter, Star Trek). Examples: the desire to be special/the chosen one, the desire to be in a wonderful, magical place, longing to find one’s tribe (found family again), etc.
  • Iconic Locations — Bag End, the Star Wars cantina, the Emerald City, Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, the Death Star. Easily recognizable and (usually) a place you long to visit.
  • Iconic (and merchandisable) images — lightsabers, the Star Trek delta, the Narnia wardrobe and lamppost, magic wands, cars like the Batmobile and the Mach 5, etc.
  • Iconic Dialogue — Things that will be quoted for years to come. Think of Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, The Godfather, and The Princess Bride.
  • Properties should be appropriate for transmedia.
  • We prefer the following genres, in order: fantasy (epic or urban), paranormal/paranormal romance, science fiction, procedural mystery, cozy mystery, thriller (spy, action, etc.).
  • The story must lend itself to the Gramarye format. There must be scenes we can film, must support games, unlockable content, and social without distraction. Sophie’s Choice is an amazing book, but it would make a poor Gramarye book app.
  • We prefer a contemporary setting.
  • The story should target at least two of the following segments: young adults (12 to 17), new adults (18-25), and adults (25-40).
If you have a story that you think might be right for Gramarye, please send us an email and tell us all about it, and a little about yourself. Be sure to include a brief synopsis and the first three to five chapters. Please note that we are only publishing three titles in our first year, but we’ll be expanding very soon.

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