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“Why was Solomon recognized as the wisest man in the world? Because he knew more stories than anyone else. Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we’re all just cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories.” — Alan Kay

Untitled.001Transmedia franchises can be worth billions, but the “price of entry” is too high for most film investors.

Gramarye Media is a digital publisher discovering the next great story franchises.

We identify and acquire annual diversified slates or portfolios of stories, using a proprietary checklist and a panel of industry experts, and publish them as digital books with layers of interactivity, including text, video, music, games, social media, and more surprises to make a beautiful and engaging reading experience that helps readers get utterly lost in a story.

Untitled.002Our features and surprises integrate seamlessly to create an immersive adventure unlike any other. A Gramarye Book is more than the sum of its parts. It’s an unbelievably magical story experience.

Our social media and game elements build brand awareness and buzz, while vetting content with audiences, allowing us to reduce risk from transmedia entertainment projects.

Every one is a “pilot” for a transmedia franchise. The interactivity allows us to mine rich customer preference data through direct primary observation, so that we can partner to develop the “hits” as films, TV pilots, toys, merchandise, location-based entertainment, and more.

Think of us as a story incubator connecting communities of investors, writers, producers, technologists, and artists.

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