Unaccredited Georgia Investors


Pre-Sale & 30% Discount for Unaccredited Georgia Investors

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Pre-Sale 30% Discount Calculator:

Minimum — $100

Now, all Georgians can benefit from the $9.5 billion economic impact!

If you live in Georgia, you know that the tax incentives have created a boom in the entertainment industry. In fact, film and television had a $9.5 billion economic impact in fiscal 2016, and preliminary reports suggest that 2017 was even bigger.

Unfortunately, most of the big beneficiaries live in California and New York.

At Gramarye Media, we’re opening that door to all Georgians. We can do that thanks to the Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE), which allows unaccredited investors who live in the state of Georgia to invest up to $10,000 in Georgia-based companies.

Why should you participate?

Georgians will receive one of the largest token discounts we will offer to anyone, 30 percent, so if they were to invest $1000, they would receive 1,429 tokens — the issue price is $1 per token, so the discounted price is 70¢ per token.

If investors hold the tokens just for the year and sell on an accredited exchange at the issue price, they could recognize a 30 percent return on their money.

Of course, if they hold the tokens longer they could see a much greater return.

Investors who hold the tokens for longer will be eligible to receive dividends, just as they would with traditional stock.

Georgia investors will receive a convertible note, with the tokens delivered to their digital wallets (along with instructions) in when the public ICO goes live later this year.

More PRE-SALE Benefits.

Team Gramarye will be creating special benefits available only to investors who participate in the pre-sale, including:

Invitation for you and a guest to attend a special reception at our offices in downtown Atlanta

Invitations to premier screenings and other special events

Free Digital Downloads of all Gramarye films

Free Signed, Limited Hardcover Editions of the first four Gramarye Books

Opportunities to visit movie sets … and even to be an extra or have a walk-on role in Gramarye movies

Privileged, early access to Gramarye books, games, and other experiences.

These awards will not be offered to anyone else after the pre-sale closes.