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Welcome to Gramarye.
Truly Immersive Reading Experiences
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Gramarye Media is a digital publisher discovering the next great story franchises.

Gramarye Books combine text, video, music, games, social media, and more to make beautiful, engaging, and utterly magical reading experiences.

Think of us as a story incubator. Every Gramarye Book is a "pilot" for transmedia.

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For Educators

Get more bang for education dollars, because users learn better and retain more with Gramarye Books.

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For Publishers

Enhance discoverability and stand out in the crowded e-market. Gramarye's built-in social media generates buzz.

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For Studios

Reduce risk. Vet potential franchises with audiences. Build brand awareness before the first frame is shot.

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For Investors

Portfolios of potential transmedia franchises vetted through direct audience reaction.

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Premium Themes for

WordPress & Joomla

  • Fjord

    Fresh nordic style with
    blue color variants.

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  • City

    Urban style with
    nice color contrasts.

    City Image
  • Trekking

    Nature style with earth-
    colored shades.

    Trekking Image
  • Office

    Agency style with
    modern colors.

    Office Image
  • Stadium

    Sportive style with strong
    blue and red colors.

    Stadium Image
  • Volcano

    Epic style with orange
    and brown colors.

    Volcano Image
  • Fashion

    Light and warm style with
    lilac-purple shades.

    Fashion Image
  • Forest

    Dreamy, cool style with
    green and blue colors.

    Forest Image

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