We live in a Golden Era of Disruption. The old walls are coming down.

Disruptive Innovation is the New King

AirBnB, Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, and now…

Gramarye Media

A Book Publisher

…creating truly immersive wow experiences for readers.

A Movie Studio

…that knows that not all screens are giant and not all stories are linear.

A New Media Team

…focused on amazing story experiences as games, new media and VR.

We’re the first cross-media studio — complete with content development, production, and distribution — on the east coast.

Our core focus is mitigating risk, reducing costs, and opening new revenue streams for story franchises.

A New Approach to Venture Capital Funding

Gramarye Media is the first major studio funded by a fully SEC-Compliant Asset-class Security Token Offering (STO)

Not all movies are financed by big venture capital funds. Many of them are financed by lawyers, dentists, sales folks, and school teachers. Gramarye was designed to be a partnership between VC funds, high net worth individuals … and a lot of people just like you.

Last year, film and television had a $9.5 billion-dollar economic impact in Georgia. We think everyone should have a chance to participate.

Token holders have opportunities for investment growth and dividends.
The greatest discounts are available during the limited Pre-Sale, open now.

How do we pull it off?

Frankly, we’ve got an all-star team. It’s like the lineups of the Braves, the Dodgers, the Yankees, and the Red Sox … combined. (Seriously. Most of our team comes from Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston).