We live in a Golden Era of Disruption. The old walls are coming down.

Disruptive Innovation is the New King

AirBnB, Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, and now…

Gramarye Media

A Book Publisher

…creating truly immersive wow experiences for readers.

A Movie Studio

…that knows that not all screens are giant and not all stories are linear.

A New Media Team

…focused on amazing story experiences as games, new media and VR.

We’re the first cross-media studio — complete with content development, production, and distribution — on the east coast.

Our core focus is mitigating risk, reducing costs, and opening new revenue streams for story franchises.

A Bold New Approach to Venture Capital Funding

Gramarye Media is the first “mini-major” studio funded by a Preferred Stock Offering represented by a fully-compliant Blockchain-based Security Token 

Token holders have opportunities for investment growth and dividends.
A 30% discount is available during the first rounds, open now for accredited and institutional investors.

How do we pull it off?

Frankly, we’ve got an all-star team. It’s like the lineups of the Braves, the Dodgers, the Yankees, and the Red Sox … combined. (Seriously. Most of our team comes from Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston).