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Gramarye Media’s Security Token Documents

2-Page Executive Summary

Our STO White Paper offers a more detailed look at the Gramarye Media business model, our team, and the benefits of the Mythos Security Token.

The STO Light Paper offers a briefer summary of the Gramarye business model and the benefits of the Mythos Security Token. It’s basically a shorter version of the White Paper.

Our STO Pitch Deck gives a high-level graphic overview of our business model and the benefits of the Mythos security token. The first few slides give a high-level overview. The Exhibit slides offer more detail. It’s a quick read.

The Addendum offers Exhibits — extensions to the White Paper — that provide more business plan details about the Gramarye Media incubation process, cross-media production, and our future vision for education.

Gramarye Media and Education is a supplemental white paper that discusses how we plan to apply our technology in education. Learning basic reading skills could lift 171 Million people out of poverty. We think that’s worth doing. Note: this information is also included in the Addendum document, above.

Pro Forma — download an Excel spreadsheet deck detailing the use of funds and return on investment for Gramarye Media, as well as the entire ecosystem of partner companies supported by the Mythos Security Token.

Pre-Sale Contract — If you’re interested in participating in the Mythos Token pre-sale, either as an accredited investor, a fund, or an unaccredited investor who is also a Georgia resident, you can preview the Secure Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) contract.

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