Gramarye Studios

Georgia is the number one destination for film and television in the world. Soon, it’ll be even bigger.

Beginning in 2023, Gramarye Media will be developing phase 1 of a new, 100+ acre, state-of-the-art production facility.


Gramarye Studios Phase 1 will include:
  • Nine sound stages ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 square feet.
  • 100+ acre complex with mill, data storage, office, and post-production space.
  • Conveniently located close to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – the world’s busiest – and DeKalb-Peachtree and Brown Airports, which can accommodate private jets.
  • Less than 30 minutes from Atlanta-area luxury accommodations, universities, midtown, downtown, and in-town neighborhoods.


Gramarye Studios will be the Virtual Production Center of the Future:
  • Two “Smart Stages” with 270º semicircular LED video wall and ceiling surrounding a (minimum) 75’-diameter performance space where practical set pieces can be combined with digital extensions on the screens.
  • Digital 3D environments played back interactively on the LED walls, edited in real-time during the shoot.
  • Allows for for pixel-accurate tracking and perspective-correct 3D imagery rendered at high resolution — and provides all the light needed for a shoot.
  • Two additional “Smart Stages” with cutting-edge Volumetric Capture Technology
    • Virtual production to support performances driving 3D characters and live action in virtual worlds
    • Layering virtual characters/objects over the real-world environments
    • Capture every possible camera angle with a single take, reducing shoot time/costs

Gramarye Studios will also boast best-in-Class Editing, Color-Correction, and Post-production Suites with “Lagless” Music and Dialog Recording attached to the stages.