In entertainment, the old cliché says that content is king.

While that’s certainly true, it’s also true that distribution is High Emperor Above All Kings.

Literally thousands of films are financed and completed every year that never find distribution agreements — and so never find audiences. Without even a limited theatrical release, it is difficult at best for a film to generate revenue through streaming and home markets.

Along with branded content, distribution is, quite literally, one of the two rarest commodities in entertainment.

Gramarye monetizes its content by distributing it to audiences in the ways that are most meaningful and convenient to them.


Gramarye is in the process of acquiring The Story Plant, creating a white label imprint that allows us to place quality hardbacks and trade paperbacks in both brick and mortar and online retailers. All Gramarye books will be distributed by National Book Network.

Our enhanced eBook 2.0 apps will be available through Google, Amazon, and the Apple app stores. Gramarye can also use blockchain technology to stream games and other new media content directly to devices.


For television, we’ve partnered with an exciting new Georgia-based television production company to ensure that we have access to broadcast, cable, and streaming outlets.


Gramarye will acquire a new entity created to fill the product vacuum left by the major studios by creating a disruptive new motion picture distribution and finance company.

This unique business model will allow Gramarye to optimize revenue and minimize risks. The concept focuses on the one area in the movie business that has consistently been a massive profit center for studios — owning and controlling distribution. This has the least amount of risk because Gramarye will be able to collect from first dollar gross directly from the box office and other revenue streams.

The core elements of Gramarye’s film distribution business plan include:

Domestic distribution allowing Gramarye direct access the largest world market directly, reducing distribution costs for its own films, and driving distribution fees for itself and third-party movies.

Direct international distribution in the eight territories that — with the U.S. — cover 90 percent of world markets, replicating the benefits of direct domestic distribution.

An internal foreign sales agencyensuring sales in the remaining 10 percent of world markets.

Production financing and control for each project financially and creatively.

Marketing (“P&A”) financing to guarantee worldwide theatrical distribution for each of our movies, reduce marketing costs, and participate in gross revenue theatrical and other streams.

In addition, we’ll generate revenue by distributing quality independent productions to theaters and streaming services all around the world.