Story Incubation

What is story incubation?

Gramarye, a graduate of Georgia Tech’s exclusive Flashpoint business incubator, applies the “Silicon Valley” process — rigorous process for reliable innovation — to content.

We’re stacking the odds in favor of success.


Fewer than 10 percent of all startups succeed


80 percent of the companies that go through accelerators succeed *

Stories are also innovated.
They, too, can be innovated reliably.

* According to a study made by the Institute of Public Administration at Pennsylvania State University.

Gramarye’s Content Incubator Four-Step Process:

1. Select a Story
2. Refine & Prepare
3. Publish & Gather Data
4. Produce the Winners

Step 1:

Select A Story

Traditionally, studios employ a hunter/gatherer model to find content. They’re out searching, hoping to stumble on the next Star Wars, Princess Bride, or Harry Potter. We’re taking a different approach … an agricultural model. We’re “farming” potential franchises.

Gramarye selects unpublished book manuscripts with blockbuster DNA using a 47+ point “checklist” and a team of proven industry veterans.

We conducted literally thousands of interviews with active fan communities — from online forums to fan conventions and even ticketed pub crawls — to better understand what attracts them. That research helped shape our selection criteria.

The larger point is this: when those fan communities form, they are worth billions. We provide the content likely to attract those communities and we provide an opportunity for them to thrive and grow.

Step 2:

Refine & Prepare

Then, authors work with a team of experts to polish and refine their manuscripts and prepare the IP for adaptation across media channels during a year-long incubation process.

We empower the writer to oversee the development across channels to ensure that the heart and soul of a story is captured and that we can adapt with integrity without being overly precious about the details.

At the same time, we’re preparing the work for adaptation — developing screenplays, production art, budget, talent attachments, and more.

Step 3:

Publish & Gather Data

Next, Gramarye publishes the content as print books … and as enhanced “eBook 2.0” immersive reading experiences using proprietary technology and a proprietary social media platform.

The eBooks are layered with interactivity, including AR, music, moving illustrations, audio narration, story-relevant games, community forums, and more. They feel like tomes from the library at Hogwarts, something beautiful and magical. Here’s more information about Gramarye’s enhanced eBooks.

These eBook 2.0 apps are sold through the Google and Apple App stores, and through Amazon. Fans who buy new copies of our print editions can download the enhanced version for free.

The interactivity allows Gramarye to empower and incent users to share and network. We can track and measure the viral spread of brand awareness as the communities deepen and grow. The interactivity also allows Gramarye to mine data to identify key inflection points.

This allows Gramarye to better understand fan passion and adapt in a satisfying way, to better create and target merchandise, and to know exactly how and to whom to market. When we discover and prove a community forming around a story, we develop cross-media franchises.

Step 4:

Produce the Winners

Finally, Gramarye produces the titles that demonstrate a proven, built-in audience as films, television series, games, AR and VR experiences, location-based attractions, and more. We develop for multiple channels at once, and we do so at a much lower cost than in the traditional Hollywood system.