Blockchain Technology

Gramarye makes disruptive use of blockchain technology in two ways:

First, Gramarye’s SEC-Compliant STO raise makes us the first major studio funded by a security token offer. It’s not just a Gramarye raise — we’re investing in a complete ecosystem of partner companies, each of which expands our capabilities, diversifies your investment, and potentially returns dividends and opportunities for growth.

Our token is called Mythos, a word that refers to a collection of sacred stories that unite a people. Learn more about our Mythos Security Token Offering.

Second, Gramarye uses blockchain utility tokens to provide meaningful rewards and incentives to fan evangelists who spark the viral spread of brand awareness, and to stream content directly to consumers hungry for the core, generational stories that unite us all.

Use Token: Empowering and Incenting Communities of Brand Evangelists

These collectable use token rewards are earned through the direct actions of the user (sharing with friends, making purchases, playing games, etc.) and can be collected, used in games (similar to Magic: The Gathering, Fortnite, or Hearthstone) with other users, exchanged for products within the Gramarye ecosystem, used to compensate other users for fan art or fan fiction, used collaboratively to unlock new content, and more.

Blockchain use token rewards earned by users can act as the means to pay for and access content, giving us new ways to stream directly to fans. Because the revenue of the property is embedded in its own blockchain rewards, and because it can be used to access media products (such as a ticket for admission), audience members will have an additional incentive to earn rewards to watch their favorite movies, play their favorite games, or read their favorite books.

Presently, fans don’t receive tangible value for telling friends and family about their favorite content. They do so out of passion. That passion is multiplied when they have an additional financial incentive. If fans hold a token, they benefit when their friends and family buy a ticket, a book, a toy, or a game.

Gramarye will change that. The earned rewards have value.

Now, word-of-mouth marketing has real value on both sides of the equation. The more the audience grows, the more revenue is generated, thereby increasing value of both the Mythos tokens and the utility token rewards.

With a growing fan-base acquiring rewards by growing our audience, the market cap of the intellectual property franchise should increase exponentially, sustaining and extending the story franchise’s lifespan.

With a growing fan-base acquiring rewards by growing our audience, the market cap of the intellectual property franchise should increase exponentially, sustaining and extending the story franchise’s lifespan.

The Interstitchery:
Blockchain/DApp-based Fan Interaction Space

Gramarye Media will also make innovative use of Blockchain technology to build and govern a DApp-based virtual space that is accessed through, but not contained within, our eBook 2.0 apps. This allows us to provide more meaningful rewards for fans, more immersive interactive experiences, and more community development and networking opportunities — without being limited by the storage capabilities of the user’s device.

In the virtual world space of the Interstitchery, audiences can spend or use the utility tokens they have earned through their evangelism/share and community participation activities. For example, users can do more than simply purchase or a digital download of a Gramarye film — they can watch it in a virtual space with their peers … from all over the globe.

A Virtual Space for Gaming, Community, Content, and More: Our Own Metaverse

The name Interstitchery comes from Interstitial, which refers to the space between things. A good metaphor might be to think of the Interstitchery as a sort of virtual Disneyland, where one book might equate to Fantasyland, another might equate to Adventureland, another might equate to Tomorrowland, and so on. Each “land,” or virtual space dedicated to a specific book, has activities related to that intellectual property. There is a “hub” where all of the properties overlap and connect.


One of our developers described the Interstitchery as a sort of mashup of Minecraft, Fortnite, Second Life, and Facebook.


Activities in the Interstitchery include multi-player games (the games contained within the eBooks are solo), 3D virtual rooms where fans can interact can interact with their peers through avatars, bulletin boards, and spaces where users can share their fan art, stories, and films. Fans will be able to use their utility tokens to access Gramarye content (including films after their theatrical run) and even sneak previews of artwork, script pages, and even scenes of films in production.

Accessed Through Blockchain-based Utility Tokens

The entire experience is governed through the utility tokens — that token is the coin of the realm in the Interstitchery. Fans can exchange the token for a playable version of a character the books and use more tokens to equip and customize their characters. Users can play their characters within the books proprietary “land,” or in the hub, where they can interact and game with user-controlled characters from other stories (imagine fans being able to introduce Harry Potter to Darth Vader and Batman).

When they do so, they are giving us valuable information about their preferences (and even, in effect, designing their own merchandise!).

According to Forbes, more than 69 percent of Fortnite players spend money on the “free to play” game, with the average spend exceeding $85. Pearl’s Peril, a free-to-play tablet and Facebook game, generates more than $60,000 a day, mostly through the sale of cosmetic items that don’t actually enhance gameplay, but only customize the experience. Fans will be able to use the tokens they earn to purchase these enhancements.

In addition, fans can use the tokens to buy Gramarye products (future books, digital downloads of films, etc.), to reward or “tip” fan artists, to enhance their game play or avatars, and more. The point is, the tokens allow us to reward fans in ways that are meaningful to them in return for them spreading awareness, providing valuable data, participating in community activities, and adding value to the brand.

Streaming Content Channels Governed by Blockchain

We’ll even be able to create content “channels” within the Interstitchery, allowing us to stream content directly to users and their favorite devices, from tablets and phones to smart TVs. The streaming, rights management, and the payment will all be governed by Blockchain.

Ultimately, Blockchain and the Interstitchery will empower us to define how Blockchain works in the entertainment industry. We’ll be able to mine more precise data, provide precise records of downloads or views, and ensure that artists and content owners are compensated fairly.