An Atlanta start-up is about to disrupt the Hollywood model, starting with a Security Token Offering. Here’s how.

Gramarye brings together the three most valuable assets in entertainment:

Branded content with a built-in audience

Technology-driven, lower-cost production

Distribution: Theatrical, Retail & Streaming

Communities form around stories. When they do, they’re worth billions. We build and prove those communities —before we shoot a single frame of film.

Our model focuses on the core story or idea and develops it across multiple media channels to maximize its potential. We’re not looking to simply move content into a new media space; we create transmedia franchises that expand storytelling worlds in ways that are meaningful to audiences.

We’re focused on the core, generational stories that unite passionate fan communities.

We exist in the conflux space — where film, television, games, books, VR, and new media overlap and interact, and where fan passion drives our decisions.


Poor Data Analytics
Costly Systematic Waste
Over-reliance on Sequels and Remakes

It’s time for a new studio model.

What is story incubation?


We build and prove an audience community … before we greenlight a film. It’s not predictive analytics; it’s direct, first-hand observation.

We begin with carefully-selected unpublished book manuscripts with the DNA to become blockbuster franchises. These are our raw materials, our seeds.

We refine and cultivate them with a 1-year incubation program. Then the magic happens.

We use a Four Step Process that reduces risk, gathers reliably predictive data, and turns the “sunk cost” development process into a  revenue stream.

Select A Story

Refine & Prepare

Publish & Gather Data

Produce and Distribute Winners

Story Production

From the written word to multiple media channels, developed in concert. We use an innovative technology pipeline, reduced overhead, and lower cost of business to make movies, and complete transmedia franchises, for less.

The result is reduced costs … and increased revenue channels.


Gramarye distributes directly to fans … through brick and mortar bookstores and movie theaters and through online retailers and streaming services.

Blockchain Technology

Gramarye Media makes innovative use of Blockchain Technology. In addition to our Security Token, we’re building something amazing to increase fan engagement, spark the vital spread of brand awareness, and create wow immersive experiences.

Our goal is to set the standard for Blockchain in entertainment.