Georgia: No. 1 in film production and now this

Georgia: No. 1 in film production and now this

Story Excerpts:

Georgia residents can invest in its $9.5B entertainment industry. Gramarye Media, which came out of Georgia Tech’s Flashpoint accelerator, is creating the virtual entertainment studio of the future — disrupting the Hollywood model by discovering, incubating, vetting, producing, and distributing original content, including books, films, games, AR and VR, merchandise, and more.

Gramarye Media is inventing a new model for the major cross media studio,” said John Adcox. Gramarye CEO.

SEC-compliant, asset-class tokens, like the ones offered by Gramarye, are much like stock in that they offer purchasers dividends from a company’s profits and should increase in value on the open market. However, tokens can often be more easily traded on marketplaces.

Gramarye’s ICO will be the largest in Georgia and one of the largest in the United States.


Finally, Gramarye uses blockchain technology to provide meaningful incentives to fan evangelists who spark the viral spread of brand awareness, as well as stream content directly to consumers hungry for generational stories that unite us all.

“Studios and publishers are always counting on word of mouth to help build awareness for new films, games, and books,” Adcox said. “Now we can reward fans for helping us build communities around stories. We’re also able to listen to them so that we can adapt with integrity. Fan passion guides our decision-making.”


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