Production Revenue

Developing the Hits as Transmedia Franchises

While it is impossible to predict meaningful numbers, we project that the most meaningful returns will come from developing the break-through “hits” across media channels.

Transmedia is more than mere merchandising — it is a single story told through multiple channels, each of which:

  • Provides a new entry point for new audiences
  • Supports and promotes the others
  • Generates revenue

Cross-media franchises are worth $billions

Each channel supports and promotes the others

Each channel generates revenue

Investors participate in every exploitation across all channels in perpetuity

Token Holders Participate in ALL Media Expressions

Gross Annual Revenue Potential for one “hit”

$500,000,000 to $5,000,000,000

Total International
Film Box Office Gross

$300m – $2b

Apparel Sales
Year 1 Gross

$100m – $1b



Toy Sales
Year 1 Gross

$200m – $2b

TMerchandise Sales
Year 1 Gross

$100m – $1.5b

Location Based


3 Core Revenue Streams Spanning the Industry

Incubation Revenue

Production Revenue

Distribution Revenue