This Cross-Media Studio Startup Incubates Stories Like Tech Startups

This Cross-Media Studio Startup Incubates Stories Like Tech Startups

Story Excerpts:

Thanks to tax incentives, access to top talent and an international airport to fly stars in from anywhere in the world, Georgia’s film and TV production industry is flourishing. The industry hit a record $2.7 billion in the fiscal year that ended in July 2017.


But, media executive John Adcox believes that in order for the industry to sustain continued growth, rather than just having Hollywood teams fly in and fly out, we must create content within the state as well. He founded Gramarye Media, a virtual entertainment studio, to disrupt the current model by validating original content through a four-step incubator process similar to validating a tech product.


“Our stance is that stories can be innovative and can be innovative reliably using the same techniques as building a startup through an accelerator,” he explains. “Instead of doing the hunter/gatherer thing that Hollywood studios do when they are looking for content, Gramarye farms it.”


“Our technology that’s built into the books themselves empowers and incentivizes that community to share with their friends. From that we can track the spread of brand awareness.”


“Our most meaningful relationship is the audience and the only ones that can tell us that is the audience themselves. Community forms around story — think about DragonCon and ComicCon in San Diego. These communities form and they mean something to the people within,” says Adcox.


In April, Gramarye announced that it would launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to raise $175 million to fund its projects. Most will be available to accredited investors with $5 million available to any Georgia resident for $1 per token, with an early-purchase bonus offered.


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