Film-industry startup hopes to raise $175M in ‘coin’ offering

Gramarye Media has officially announced its upcoming $175m Initial Coin Offering and the Georgia-specific IGE $5m allocation in the April 6, 2018 issue of The Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Story Excerpts:

“An Atlanta film industry startup that hopes to become the first studio of its kind on the East Coast is looking to raise $175 million to fund its projects.”

“Gramarye has developed a process that it says allows it to discover potential blockbuster manuscripts and other projects before they hit the market, find the ones with audience potential and turn them into Hollywood hits.”

“… founders say its forthcoming funding round will help it become a bonafide studio with its own distribution engine.”

“Most of the $175 million in coins will be available only to accredited investors, and Adcox said several investment groups have shown interest in purchasing large amounts at one time. But $5 million of the tokens, which will be sold for $1 each, will only be available to unaccredited investors who live in Georgia.”


“Their approach appears to be novel and potentially disruptive to the industry,” said Picture It co-founder Peter Stathopoulos in an email.


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